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Relaxing Facial

Advanced Combinations

CACI, the Dermalux Flex and Radio Frequency all give great results as individual treatments but when you combine these advanced therapies the results can be amazing...

Add a 20 minute Dermalux Flex to your CACI facial. The stimulation from the microcurrent used within the CACI facial boosts the rejuvenating effects of the Dermalux Flex, helping remove fine lines and giving your skin an amazing 'glow'.
By using the Dermalux Flex after the Radio Frequency treatment the skin is given a super charged boost, increasing the effects of both treatments.
Combining these two powerful treatments can give the most amazing results. Working together to improve both muscle and skin tone these two facials complement each other perfectly, giving even better results that as individual treatments.

Please ask your therapist for combination details, or visit the CACI, Radio Frequency or Dermalux treatment pages for more information about the treatments as individuals.

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